To determine the performance indicators of the enterprise activity.The business plan of production and business plan of the plant

Business plan- the development plan of the enterprise necessary for the development of new fields of activity or launch a new product line. The business plan is being developed for both new and already existing production at the next stage of its development.

The business plan of the plant . plant or any other industrial organization contains the main aspects of developing commercial activities, market analysis of products, as well as information about consumers. During the development of the business plan reveals hidden threats and opportunities of production, its strengths and weaknesses in order to eliminate any possible difficulties and successfully use its advantages.

The business plan of production allows to solve the basic problem :

To get an idea about the capacity and prospects for the future development of the market;

To estimate the potential profitability of the project;

Discover all sorts of “obstacles”;

In the preparation of the business plan of production . whether it’s a plant, factory, mill or other economic organizations of industrial purpose, describes in detail the production plan. The production plan includes a description of the entire process. The purpose of the production plan – to argue the choice of the production process and to substantiate the achieved technical and economic indicators. In other words the purpose of this section — the calculations confirm that the company is able to produce the required amount of goods of the required quality within the deadline.

The production plan of the plant contains, first of all, the answers to the following questions :

What conditions are necessary for the production of goods?

What is required for this power?

Who and on what terms to supply materials, raw materials and accessories?

Does the manufacturing process of cooperation and with whom?

What equipment will be required and where to purchase?

This section also addressed the issue of the quality of the products and methods of control. The timing of interventions and financial resource requirements for their implementation are projected in the time schedule of performance of works under the project.

The production plan consists of the following sections :

Characteristics of the technological process;

Infrastructure and production support;


The number of staff and salary Fund;


Technical and economic indicators.

A quality business plan not only provides and supports the production, but also leads to the best possible indicators of product and selling it on the market. Working with ARB-Consulting . you will receive well-written and properly executed business plan that will help You successfully implement your project.

The cost of the work

The cost of developing the business plan — from 100,000 rubles (depending on the amount of work to collect the necessary information for your clients).

When ordering this service in company “ARB-Consulting”, you can receive a grant in the amount of from 25 to 75% of the net cost of the consulting project in the Program of business Advisory services (BAS) European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), the amount of the grant for the project does not exceed 10,000 euros. Details can be found here .