The business plans. The complete reference manualBusiness planning has become a traditional and mandatory Russian economy. However, it is difficult to imagine that the business plan development process as a creative moment to be one way only. Therefore, the relevance of the technology of drawing up of business plans continues to exist for entrepreneurs and professionals.

In this book an attempt is made to generalize approaches to business planning and to provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the project through a combination of formal and creative approaches.

Presented recommendations to form the native structure of the business plan, not blindly follow the authors. Special attention is paid to the issues of search and training information. Given the questionnaires and questionnaires that will more effectively carry out preparatory work for the collection and processing of information.

A substantial portion of the guide focuses on the analysis of financial documents, financial information. The book is written for novice and experienced entrepreneurs, project managers, specialists, experts and innovative projects for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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