Business portal the Way of successThe car wash is one of the most common types of services of any city. Every year this type of business is gaining momentum.

In this regard, are very relevant questions for the preparation of a business plan for the organization of the service center . To familiarize users here is an example of a business plan of a service station for a small town, which You can download for free. The projected payback period of the proposed project is 3 months. Please note that the business plan of the service published in 2 parts.

Project initiator: LLC “Road of success”

This business plan is submitted for review on a confidential basis solely for a decision on financing the project and cannot be used for copying or any other purpose, and transferred to third parties, Please return the business plan, if it does not cause interest to participate in its implementation

G. County


1.Project description and specific business

LLC “Road of success” – a company specializing in the maintenance of vehicles. This facility will be located in the city of County. The main activities is the washing of cars, diagnostics, alignments, engine repair, tire service and other minor repairs.

The car wash will be located in the building of modular type. The advantages of modular construction are, first, its low cost, and secondly, the ease and speed of erection. The use of modular building construction will save time and money on the construction of the service station.

The building will consist of three modules stacked together. 1st module – 2 sentry sink, 2nd – General module for all other positions, 3 – administrative and utility rooms. By partitions, an additional utility room and bathroom.

Design description

• The Foundation – laying of the strip Foundation.

• Bearing frame – metal products (channels, angles, pipe).

• Walls and ceiling – the ceiling and walls are made of sandwich panels “sandwich” on the basis of insulation “Isover”, the outer layer – painted galvanized sheet metal. Panel thickness 180 mm. Modules are shipped with a full factory readiness with mounted lighting, heating and ventilation.

Project development – from 15 to 30 days.

The manufacture of the modules in the factory – from 1 to 10 days.

Installation on site from 1 to 10 days.

Height – 6m.

The manufacturing cost is 150 USD / m2

Characteristics of the services provided and equipment

New car service plans to provide the following range of services:

• washing and interior cleaning;

• oil change;

• diagnostics and adjustment of wheel alignment;

• the tire;

• engine repair and suspension.

Thus, the new service center will provide almost full range of services except for those that require highly specialized knowledge and equipment, namely hull works (repair and painting of the hull, the establishment of additional details).

Below is a brief description provided by the auto repair services main parameters: the number of jobs, the required number of personnel, equipment and its cost, price, time for operation

At the service station will be organized 2-sentry sink with application of the mobile washing apparatus. The sink will be organized in a separate box, the area of which can wash two cars at the same time.

The number of jobs: 2

The required number of personnel: 4 persons at the time of maximum load, 2 people in the rest of the time.

Price: 150 rbl. for a body wash, 400 rubles for a full car wash with interior cleaning. 60% of the cost of works equal to the cost of cleaning materials.

Time for operation: 20 minutes for easy cleaning, 40 minutes at the car wash with interior cleaning.


A mobile apparatus for hot washing type Kranzle and the same machine for a cold wash.

Treatment system designed to clean and recycle water, saving water: dirty water is cleaned and re-fed to the sink.

Vacuum cleaner for cleaning the cabin.

Compressor for air supply. Also used on other posts, in particular, on a post of the tire. In this regard involves the purchase of the most powerful apparatus to ensure all station – capacity of about 1,000 l/min.

The cost of equipment for washing

Equipment name Brand Price, USD.

Apparatus for hot washing KEW, WAP (Denmark), Kranzle, Karcher (Germany) 1,500

Apparatus for cold cleaning KEW, WAP (Denmark), Kranzle, Karcher (Germany) 700

Treatment system 3,500

Vacuum cleaner KEW, WAP (Denmark), Kranzle, Karcher (Germany) 300

The compressor AIRTEK (Italy), Hoffmann (Germany) 2,000

Total cost of equipment 8,000

Oil change

Oil change is an operation that is regularly produced by all car owners, thus, the demand for it is constant. This operation requires special equipment that may be leased by the oil producers.

The practice of granting in leasing oil equipment adhere to most of the major manufacturers of oils. To obtain equipment in leasing please complete the application in the representation of the company – manufacturer of oil or authorized dealer where to point the estimated sales volumes. After submitting the car inspected by a representative of the manufacturer, which is the conclusion of the meeting specified in the application commitments.

The main criteria in the decision are the location of the service, activity history, etc. In the case of the positive conclusion of the equipment is given on lease obligation repurchase of declared volumes. Upon reaching a certain volume of purchases of the equipment becomes the property of the service center.

The service plans to take advantage of the above scheme and organize the post oil change. The post will be organized in a separate box or area General repair Bay.

The number of jobs: 1

The required number of personnel: 2 persons during the hours of greatest download, 1 person the rest of the time.

Price: as a rule, the cost of replacement is included in the price of oil itself. Thus, if the client buys oil directly to the service station the service will be provided free of charge, when you purchase outside repair service cost is 200 rubles.

Time for operation: 20 minutes.

Equipment . Oil filling equipment is available for leasing.

Car service will be arranged post engine diagnostics. Post will be equipped with machinery that allows to efficiently determine the condition of the engine and to make recommendations for its repair.

The number of jobs: 1

The required number of personnel: 1 person.

Price: 500 rubles. for a complete diagnosis.

Time for operation: 30 minutes.

Equipment . Diagnostic stand . consisting of a computer with a scanner and a CD with the database engines of all brands. These stands are manufactured the world’s largest manufacturers, in particular, the company “Bosch” (Germany), however, the market offers and domestic developments. In this case it is advisable to prefer it to domestic equipment, as there is virtually no difference in the opportunity cost of imported equipment 3 times higher.

The cost of equipment for the post diagnosis

Equipment name Brand Price, USD.

Motormaster database Тecoil (Russia, own. development) 3,300

The scanner for connection to the body computer Bosch (Germany) 4,000

Total equipment value 7,300

Adjustment of wheel alignment

The number of jobs: 1

The required number of personnel: 1 person.

Price: 500 rubles.

Time for operation: 1 hour.

Equipment: 4-post lift –can be used for repairs. It is expected the installation of the hoist load capacity not less than 4 tons. The lift can also be used for the repair of the vehicle suspension and other repairs.

E-the stand of the wheel alignment with 8 sensors . what provides the greatest precision wheel alignment and registration of the largest number of parameters.

The cost of equipment for stand of adjustment of the wheel alignment

Equipment name Brand Price, USD.

4 rack lift with add. Equipment Rotary (USA), Nussbaum, Hoffmann (Germany) 5,000

Stand 8 touch Bosch, Hoffmann (Germany 11,000)

Total cost of equipment 16,000

The number of jobs: 1

The required number of personnel: 1 person.

Price: 200 rubles per wheel.


Tyre changer;

Balancing machine.

Price tire fitting equipment

Equipment name Brand Price, USD.

Tire changer with inflator’aquila (Italy), Hoffmann (Germany), SICE (USA) 2,100

Balancer’aquila (Italy), Hoffmann (Germany), SICE (USA) 2,300

Total cost of equipment 4,400

Engine repair and suspension

This group of services includes all services in repair of the engine and the car’s suspension, the scheduled replacement of parts and simple body work, for example, bearing dents.

The number of jobs: 4

The required number of personnel: 2 people for each job.

Price: $ 25. per hour, the cost of each operation is calculated on the basis of standard time for a particular type of work.

Time for operation: depending on the service.


Two lifts

The tool kits . portable tool kit for each workplace – the case of the most commonly used tool, plus one truck, also used for post adjustment of wheel alignment, with a full set of tools;

Welding machine for carrying out minor welding . for example, the brewing of cracks in the muffler of the vehicle;

Press to out-pressing of various parts ;

Counters, shelves for tools .

The cost of equipment for the posts of General repair

Equipment name Brand Price, USD.