Business plan pizzeria — the first step to "uncle"Cook delicious pizza and your pizza will always be popular

To open your own restaurant is a dream of many entrepreneurs today. This business is quite profitable, and popular restaurants, despite the high competition in this field is only growing, so every year there are more and more restaurants. However, restaurant business activity is quite risky, especially for beginners in this field. There are less expensive and less risky options for the restaurant business, for example, opening their own pizzeria.

Pizza today is a highly profitable business but to such matters as should be approached consistently and before you rush headlong into the maelstrom, you need to have a clear business plan pizzeria of your dreams, where You have to calculate all costs, expenses, etc.

Market overview

Perspectives “pizza” market

This market sector is distinguished by a relatively high level of competition. Entrepreneurs need to consider how the presence of other pizzerias, and the point of placement of the restaurants will have a menu similar price category (McDonald’s. Subway, etc.)

The average market pizza (cooked in a pizza restaurant, and not finished products) is growing about 25 percent a year. According to experts, in 2007 its volume reached 160-175 million dollars, and in subsequent years, there was only a tendency to increase these numbers.

Today you can order pizza and restaurants, and in a specially equipped pizzerias. Only in Moscow the number of fixed pizzerias exceed 300-350. But none of the major companies in this case takes no more than 5% of the market, so the “pizza” the market remains very promising and enables us to reach new players. According to experts, is particularly active will develop a segment pizzerias type fast food and delivery service.

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Market saturation

In Moscow there are more than 350 stationary pizzerias. Services of pizza delivery have about 100 companies. In St. Petersburg there are more than 250-300 stationary pizzerias. Services of pizza delivery have about 50 companies.

Common to experts, in Moscow and St. Petersburg today the market is occupied by less than 50% and in regions – less than 30%.

This gives you the opportunity to successfully connect to this business to new players, making this field very promising.

The main formats pizzerias

Pizza — a dish that is popular among various contingent, it is popular and fast-food chains and in elite restaurants. Pizza delivery is just one of the promising directions of this business. How much financial investment, how fast will pay off for Your business largely depends on the type of pizzeria. Approaching the question «How to open a pizzeria ?» first of all, you need to choose which option suits You best.