In Crimea four unemployed defended business plans for starting a businessIn Crimea at the moment, four unemployed defended their business plans to start their own business and get to 58.8 thousand rubles to development.

About this at the press conference said the Director of the Fund of obligatory social insurance of the Republic of Crimea in case of unemployment Sergey Brodov.

In March, Crimea surpassed Krasnodar on prices for butter, milk, meat and fish. The difference per unit reached for some titles almost 30 rubles.

“Already three people received this assistance today and was protected by another business plan,” he said.

For their own business entrepreneurs chose the children’s goods trade, sale of plants and breeding fish. “The entrepreneur will rent rates for fish farming,” explained Brody.

Protected today, the project envisages the creation of a mini-Atelier, where you will be working for a man.

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The Director of Fund of social insurance reminded that the program of support of the labour market calls for a high of 58.8 thousand rubles each budding entrepreneur from among the unemployed, and exactly the same for the same work space. Before you start your own business the unemployed are sent on courses to learn Russian legislation.

The Ministry of labour of the Russian Federation sent 604 million rubles from the Federal budget to support the labour market in the Republic of Crimea. At the present time in the Republic’s budget for these purposes are listed 188 million rubles.