Business plans to obtain a Bank loan, attract investors, etc.Good day! Are pleased to offer the following services:

– development of business plans to obtain a Bank loan (including on the national project of agricultural development – agricultural Bank, Sberbank, etc.);

– business plans to obtain subsidies for compensation of part of expenses for payment of interest on loans, government support, grant support to start a business, feasibility studies;

– examination of business plans, etc.

A turnkey business plans: construction of a livestock breeding complex for 50 – 5000 heads Cattle, construction of pig-breeding, horse-breeding, sheep-breeding, kozovodcheskoe complex, poultry complex, the ostrich farm, greenhouses for Dutch technology (1-60 ha, vegetables, herbs, flowers), crop farming (cereals, oilseeds, vegetables, medicinal herbs), the HSP, the grain Elevator, feed mill, farms (fish, crayfish, shrimp), RAS (sturgeon, trout, catfish, etc.), fur (nutria, Fox, mink, chinchillas, rabbits), mushroom cultivation (oyster, champignon, shiitake, winter agaric), the production of biofuels from plant waste, production vermicompost, the production of foam blocks, polistirolbetonnyh blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete, paving slabs, brick plant, cement plant, production of sandwich panels, tiles, plastic and wooden Windows, corrugated Board and packaging, fuel pellets, furniture, production of wood products (glulam, timber frame homes, mouldings, furniture fronts, doors, etc.), the business plan of the shopping center, cottage village, hotel, shop, bowling, cinema, typography, brewery, confectionery (biscuit, candy, marshmallow, marmalade, candy, etc.), butcher shop, slaughterhouse, the production of sunflower oil, cheese, dry milk, sweetened condensed, milk products, automobile and others. Work with all regions.