Business plans for CabinetWithout lyrics and equivocation. We all know what she stood for, what people died for, what we want from this country. I’m sure all the issues we now need to solve quickly, can be divided into two categories: political, managerial. Several economic issues will simultaneously lie in two planes because of the existing polarity of our environment. Because Russia and the EU.

Now, if we talk about political issues, they are:

– Language

Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian national idea

– Balanced policy towards the countries of the Eurasian cooperation

– Decentralization of power

If to speak about issues in the management plane:

– Principles of formation of the Cabinet of Ministers

– The formation mechanism of control over deputies, judges and feedback to the electorate and civil asset

– European integration

I don’t want to talk about political issues, because it’s not something that should be addressed first. The abolition of the law on languages, which was held yesterday in the Parliament, showed very well the pain points of the company. Now I still need to pass a law about the OUN, the UPA and then all together to think what to do with enraged the East. With each of the issues relating to culture, language, regional specificity of our country and geopolitics need to work long and balanced. Strategically. In the years and decades ahead.

As for issues in the management plane. The state branches of the Executive, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies horrific. Besides corruption, the question is which without lustration impossible to solve, there are many institutional problems that turn the hands of the authorities and the conscience of power in clumsy, clumsy, outdated vestiges. And not throw and no use. I already wrote about the issue of lustration. and, thank God, was not the first and I think that will be not the last one to write. People talk about lustration on every corner. For people this is very important. And urgent that our society now not so many questions. But what to do next? How to continue to work with the government, work in the government?

I have no doubt that this government, which will now proceed to their duties – technical government – can be chosen from considerations of revolutionary necessity. This composition can be those people who have proven something on the Maidan, which were on hand and their allies in the party saw an opportunity to manage this or that Ministry.

But who should be our Ministers and our officials the day after?

Let’s talk about one of the issues the plane management – the principles of the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers and senior government agencies and departments.

My deep conviction that they should not be politicians. All Ministers, heads of agencies and departments should be people well known in their professional field, and not on television programs and performances in the stands. This is how I see myself one of the possible logical construct of the system of recruitment, hiring and control over the work of each of the state’s TOP managers:

1. You need to create a professional and academic body with a defining name, for example “the strategic development Committee of Ukraine”, which will define the objectives and requirements for each of the officials.

2. These requirements will be formulated based on the goals and objectives of each of the responsible areas of the future official – be it industry or regional infrastructure.

3. Such a Committee should consist of 20-25 delegates professors of law, Economics, management, cultural figures, each of which is headed by the respective Subcommittee. For example, “the strategic development Subcommittee on … (insert required)”.

4. The structure of the subcommittees may duplicate the existing structure of the Cabinet with a few additions.

5. For example, “a Subcommittee of the strategic development of the Ukrainian economy” generates a series of goals and objectives, which should reach the country’s economy in a year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. Outlines the main problems and challenges facing the country’s economy.

6. The Subcommittee consists of leading scientific experts in this industry. For example, in the Subcommittee on education includes methodologists and philosohy who work on issues of education, teachers, deans and the rector of the key Ukrainian Universities.

7. On this basis a set of requirements and expectations that apply to a potential applicant in two planes standards:

a. Professional standard:

i. Specialized experience (should not successful the hospital Director to manage the mines)

ii. Successful projects of regional or national scale (knowledge of how to manage the human resource at the level of small firms does not give an understanding of how to manage the industry with tens of thousands of people)

iii. Sectoral or industry about higher education (the linguist may not be guided by the national Bank)

iv. The candidate must pass a lustration (not to be relevant to corruption scandals, not to have a relationship to the work in previous governments)

b. Competitive standard

i. Education (additional education, MBA, scientific degree)

ii. Public confidence (significant achievements in their fields, merits Perret society)

iii. A clear vision of the tools and ways of implementation of tasks (preparation of the business plan to achieve the objectives, the performance indicators of the industry, macro and micro indicators)

With respect to salaries of officials:

1. Salaries of officials of such level should be formed in two parts. The body of the salaries and bonuses for the year.

2. Each Minister or head of Department must receive the money that he can live normally, with a certain comfort, without thinking about the possible earnings.

3. This amount should vary in size 6000-8000 dollars a month.

4. At year-end, reaching all indicators of each of the officials should have the right to receive the bonus. A very big bonus. In the size from 100% to 200% of salary for the year.

5. Monitoring of compliance with performance indicators, achievement of goals and objectives should implement the strategic development Committee shared with the public.

6. Every citizen of Ukraine should have the right to access information about the dynamics of a particular industry, on the activities of each of the TOP managers and the criteria of evaluation of their work by the Committee.

Indeed, what is the state, not as a big company with its bureaucracy, goals and objectives? We have a huge number of successful managers – excellent, best of its kind! Let’s raise his officials – excellent, best of its kind. With great pleasure ready for an open discussion on this.

P. S. Soon will gladly share with you their thoughts about the following two items those burning issues in the management plane, I think:

– The formation mechanism of control over deputies, judges and feedback to the electorate and civil asset

– European integration.