Business plans: download ready-made examplesBusiness plans: download ready-made examples

Ready business plans

Business plans: download ready-made examples


and instructions for the development of a business plan

As you know, the portal collected, the most complete in the Runet the collection of practical information about opening hundreds of business over 2000 manuals. And though to get an idea about the specifics of the business, its potential and pitfalls of information enough, many hope to find a ready-made business plan, based on which you can build and develop the business.

In this regard, we have two news for you. As usual, good and bad.

The bad news: it won’t help you. Mostly posted on the Internet generic training business plans. And even if once these business plans were developed under a working business, they are still outdated, inappropriate operate your particular business (and opportunities) numbers and generally do not take into account the specifics of the local market.


Business plan

from 10 000 rubles.

The numbers are outdated, the trends have changed in a clean residue – only structure is ready formulations that can be borrowed. By the way, even to the structure of the business plan is not a particularly stringent requirements – there are several standards of business planning on the basis of which and developed business plans.

Actually, what is the conclusion? Write the business plan yourself or, if you open a major production or you need a business plan to attract investors – refer to specialists.

If you decide to prepare your business plan yourself, I hope you collected will help us ready the examples of business plans and step by step guide to its preparation.

Step-by-step instructions for developing a business plan

Below are the main stages of development of a business plan with detailed explanations and tips. We tried to prepare such guidance on business planning on the basis of which to make a decent business plan could even to a novice who had never before confronted with writing a business plan.

( different kind of documents (mostly wearing methodological nature) regarding the making (business planning): requirements, methodological manuals, recommendations.)

1 step. Why do you need a business plan?

Step 2. Choice of standard business planning

Step 3. Write a Summary of a business plan

4 step. Prepare section description of the enterprise

Step 5. Preparation of the section Description of products (services)

7 step. Prepare Production plan

8 step. Develop marketing Plan

9 step. Develop a Financial plan

10 step. A sensitivity analysis of the investment project

11 step. Adding environmental and regulatory information and applications

12 step. Prepare cover sheet

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