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The same business plan in principle, does not happen. Every business plan is a unique document because it talked about the individual project from the perspective of time, his entourage, products or services of the project, the place of supply, markets, sales strategies, use of investment resources, and so on. However, there are certain typical features of business plans.

How to write a business plan?

Preparation of a business plan: how to write a business plan, examples of business plan, business planning

Welcome to the website of the company “FINVEST-Ltd”!

The company “FINVEST-Ltd” for 20 years provides a full range of services in the field of business planning:

development and drafting of the business plan of production;

the feasibility study (feasibility study);

investment feasibility and investment Memorandum;

assistance and information support: examples of business plan, background information, etc.

If You want to write a business plan yourself, we’ll show you how . On our site You can familiarize with the methods and examples of business plan development. Also we provide detailed information of how to write a business plan for an enterprise of any form of ownership and teach the basics of business planning.

“FINVEST-Ltd” – proper planning to improve the efficiency of Your business

To write a business plan is a necessary condition for the attraction of new investors and partners, as only good planning will help to assess the profitability of the project.

Development and preparation of a business plan is a complex and responsible task which should be entrusted only to professionals. “FINVEST-Ltd” has extensive experience of business planning. In our projects section presents examples of business plan, developed by our specialists.

“FINVEST-Ltd” – we know how to write a business plan for the company

Business planning – the main activity of our company. We are fluent in the procedure of developing the business plan meets the requirements of Russian investors, and the international standards organization (UNIDO).

“FINVEST-Ltd” offers business planning, both for large companies and small businesses.

How to write a business plan on their own or with the assistance of outside specialists, each company decides for itself.

But do not forget that a competent business plan development – ability to attract additional investment, the key to continued intensive development and productive activities of Your company. .