Business plans and other fictionAs noted by Peter Drucker, the purpose of business is to find a buyer. Instead, however, many innovators create something fantastic that could be called “fiction Microsoft office programs”.

I finally got it working on a recent project. The team with whom I worked, was given the assignment from the Director General to develop a new project, focusing on promising market sector. Three people worked for six weeks and has prepared a detailed plan, which they presented as potential buyers, and many experts from the industry. And then use Microsoft office programs have developed what they thought the business plan. But actually it was a kind of artwork in three parts: a table in Excel with a detailed analysis demonstrating tremendous financial Outlook; PowerPoint presentation, where the facts and figures interspersed with beautiful pictures and videos; and a document in Word, summerbeauty all the above in the prose, so much so that even Malcolm Gladwell (journalist and regular contributor to the journal “The New Yorker”) would let a tear.

Nevertheless, the business cannot be called business until you find a buyer. After hearing the report of the team on the work done, I asked them a simple question: “Who will be your first customer?”

These people have looked through your novel in Word to page 12 in the second Chapter, proudly showed me a slide in PowerPoint, who quoted detailed data on demographics. According to the presentation, 60% of the target audience will consist of men aged 18 to 34 years with a certain annual income.

Then I asked the question again. Instead of facts and figures I wanted to hear the exact answer. How will call the buyer? Where does he live? What he looks like? What are his hopes, dreams, expectations? What he loves? His exasperated? How to fit this new idea in his life?

After we decided on the first buyer, we started to think about how to pass the first purchase. This included the following.