Business plans and business models (calculation of the enterprise)The creation of a Business Model ( calculation of the enterprise )

Reliable, stable and profitable business starts with planning.

The business model or the calculation of the enterprise is created for literate and mathematically precise planning of revenues and costs, the optimization of the company is to increase profits by minimizing costs, including tax. The calculation is made in different versions for different systems of taxation, with the aim of choosing the optimal. In the calculation can be taken into account and optimized costs for PAYROLL accruals, acquisition and delivery of materials, use of materials in the production cycle, the cost of lending and third party services and much more depending on the activity of the Customer.

Additionally, it may be provided by an information service to search Bank optimum credit conditions, the selection of the best suppliers of the necessary equipment and materials, with the inclusion of the data obtained in the Business Model.

Of course, taxes and other expenses can be considered and in fact, if you are so wealthy that extra hundred thousand (if not millions) mean nothing to you. If so – congratulations!

But if you still a supporter of creativity and want to take advantage of the entire range of choice provided to us by law, and mathematics, which, as you know, the Queen of all Sciences, welcome to our specialists! Based on your objectives, they will help, in particular, to choose the optimum composition of the staff and to establish the optimal wage, to choose the optimal classifier for the main activities (including benefits), to choose the most economical for you tax system (based on the structure of orders) or to offer extremely favorable combination of systems. To calculate forward your income (expense) under different input parameters.

This range of services is unique and has no analogues on the Russian market.

Ordering it, You will be among the leading entrepreneurs, using scientific methods and information to gain maximum profit from Your business.

The prices are quite affordable. Various payment options. Financial guarantee the quality of services.

The obvious benefit of the Customer — the cost to create a Business Model will pay off no less than 600 % in the next quarter, that is, will bring you 500% net profit by reducing the tax burden and saving on other costs. Why pay extra if it’s legal to do that? Call or email us today: Contact

Business plans for loans

LLC “JELITA” (commercial designation of Majorana ) has successfully developed business plans and feasibility studies for legal entities and entrepreneurs for the purpose of obtaining credit from the banks and targeted funding in the funds of support for small and medium businesses. Familiarize with existing programs. Assist with preparation of accompanying documents. The quality of rooms and guarantee a positive experience.

If you need investment business plan at the level of international standards for receiving credit in a foreign Bank or participating in major tenders and/or fundraising with the support of the project, will help our partners Consulting group Daniel Andreev

On the website of our partners according to numerous requests from customers presented business plans and a lot of useful information for those who are going to make profitable investments or to expand the business.


“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Stephen Covey

Business plans

New successful area of our business – creating a win-win business plan and feasibility study for financing the system of support to small business or lending at commercial banks. Prepare all supporting documents from the hospital, help to obtain the necessary information. Provide information on existing programs and the percent of banks. Supported morally.