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Hairdressing services belong to this kind of services for which demand will always exist. That’s why this is just destined to be successful. However, for the first time opening a barbershop, you may experience some difficulties to overcome which will help the business plan Barber shop.

Review section

The main objective of the project is the creation of the enterprise, providing hairdressing. Salon services are focused on customers with the average level of income. Barber will be designed for 4 seats: 2 female and 2 male.

The organizational form for implementing the provision of hairdressing services will work as an individual entrepreneur.

Tax system – UTII

When determining the location for placing hairdressing salon, it is desirable to give preference to residential areas with a high degree of population.

Company description

Our proposed Business plan Barber shop implies that the services will be provided to both women and men. Men’s and women’s room will be posted in 2 business seats. Barber will work from 9.00 till 21.00.

For the hairdresser organization premises will be leased. The lease must contain a clause stating that it will be used as a barbershop. And it should include an item on the repair work and its cost.

To open a barbershop will need the approval of the SPP for the implementation of activities in your chosen room and permit fire inspection. Activities hairdressing is not licensed, but each Barber must be certified in accordance with approved even 16.11.1999 G. “Rules of certification of hairdressing services”.

Description of services

Salon services include:

• men’s and women’s haircuts;

• a variety of hair coloring (highlights, toning, etc.);

• create hairstyles;

• shaving;

• hair care.

When the available space, you can expand the range of services. It may be the services of manicure and pedicure, or facial treatments, or massage therapist.

Market analysis

For more business success, business plan Barber shop shall contain the analysis of the market situation. This point is important because the competition in this significant activity. The market analysis must contain information about the level of competition in selected areas, about the strengths and weaknesses of each potential competitor. Based on the obtained information, it is necessary to formulate a competitive advantage to your hair salon. It may be the price or the provision of high quality services.

To attract customers in a new hairdresser, you should consider your marketing plan. It can include:

• printing and distribution of flyers, advertising in the nearby houses, shops, schools;

• to advertise in print media, on television or radio;

• the holding of shares with the provision of discount cards;

• conducting campaigns aimed at attracting customers from any segment. For example, a week-long event “Haircuts for retirees with 20% discount” etc.

The production plan

For the organization of hairdressers in 4 jobs will need the room from 40 sq m. as in accordance with sanitary norms of the area for one of the hairdresser should be not less than 8 m. As already mentioned, the room will be rented.

For the operation of a Barber shop, it must be equipped. So, for this you will need:

• hairdressing chairs (4 PCs.);

• car wash-shell (4 PCs.);

• mirrors (4 pieces);

• hairdressing toilets (4 PCs.);

• hair dryers, hair dryers, hair clippers, clomazone;

• tools (scissors, combs, curlers, clips, razors, etc.);

• consumables (toners, varnishes, gels and other).

The staff consists of 11 people, including 2 managers, 8 hairdressers, 1 cleaner, 1 accountant. Mode of operation: 2 2 12 hours per day.

Financial plan


To estimate the total cost of the expenditure required to open a barbershop, you need to consider the capital costs and monthly costs.