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Business plans and business models (calculation of the enterprise)The creation of a Business Model ( calculation of the enterprise )

Reliable, stable and profitable business starts with planning.

The business model or the calculation of the enterprise is created for literate and mathematically precise planning of revenues and costs, the optimization of the company is to increase profits by minimizing costs, including tax. The calculation is made in different versions for different systems of taxation, with the aim of choosing the optimal. In the calculation can be taken into account and optimized costs for PAYROLL accruals, acquisition and delivery of materials, use of materials in the production cycle, the cost of lending and third party services and much more depending on the activity of the Customer. Continue reading

Business plans: download ready-made examplesBusiness plans: download ready-made examples

Ready business plans

Business plans: download ready-made examples


and instructions for the development of a business plan

As you know, the portal collected, the most complete in the Runet the collection of practical information about opening hundreds of business over 2000 manuals. And though to get an idea about the specifics of the business, its potential and pitfalls of information enough, many hope to find a ready-made business plan, based on which you can build and develop the business. Continue reading